Grace magazine

Grace magazine was founded by Thomas Bartram in 1960 and carried on by his son Roger and the Grace team from 2009-2018. We are sorry to say that the Winter issue of 2018 is the last. After 59 years it is the end of an era.

As a consulting medical herbalist in the late 1950s Thomas Bartram came to realise that people needed not only to be physically well but mentally and spiritually also. He wanted people to live happy and healthy lives and through the magazine sought to help his readers to do that. The magazine was for the 'whole person': body, mind and spirit. The accent was on the positive, helpful and beautiful things in life: the wonders of nature, the beauty in music and art, the importance of sound nutrition and the use of medical herbs and osteopathy to help people to get well. There were texts for meditation and spiritual upliftment. And readers wrote in and shared their experiences of regaining health with natural remedies and good common sense. There were beautiful poems with fine photographs and inspiring stories out of real life. 'Grace' was like a family and very many found encouragement and comfort in the magazine, especially those who lived alone or had been ill or had lost loved ones.

Sadly we have had to draw this work to a close. We are very sorry for our readers and we know that many are disappointed but sometimes the circumstances of life mean that not all good things can go on indefinitely.

We would like to thank our readers and contributors most sincerely for their support, interest and prayers, and trust that you will continue to benefit from what we have shared with you over the years.

Please note there is no longer a Grace office in Christchurch, Dorset.

Readers should be aware that similar-sounding publications are to be found on the internet but there was only one Grace Magazine and there is only one Grace Publishers connected to Thomas Bartram.